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Location:Caroline County, VA
Req. Number:3181
M.C. Dean, Inc. is the nation?s premier electrical design-build and systems integration firm for complex, mission-critical organizations. M.C. Dean?s capabilities include electrical, electronic security, telecommunications, life-safety, instrumentation and control, and command and control systems. M.C. Dean, Inc. serves a diverse group of markets including Fortune 1000 corporations; universities; high tech and biotech firms; Federal; state, and local government clients; and other organizations with large scale, complex, and mission-critical infrastructure needs. Established in 1949, M.C. Dean, Inc. has earned a reputation as an innovator and pioneer. Headquartered in Dulles, Virginia, M.C. Dean, Inc. employs more than 2,500 professionals in offices throughout the Eastern United States, Europe and the Middle East.
M.C. Dean, Inc. offers an excellent benefits package including a competitive salary; medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance; paid-time off; tuition reimbursement; 401k Retirement Plan and Military Reserve pay offset.
For more information about our company, you can visit www.mcdean.com.
+ Monitor, Track, Trend
+ Accuracy or number of discrepancies per inventory taken
+ Fill requests (on-time; correct quantity; right product)
+ Timeliness of reporting, i.e., late reports get notices mailed
+ Adherence to regulatory and contract requirements
+ Reduction in excess and obsolete inventory
+ Inventory turnover per inventory item
+ Storage:
+ Maintain adequate, safe, accessible, secure storage location, e.g., area, aisle, shelve, order of usage such as items frequently used near the loading dock.
+ Optimize space utilization
+ Store in a manner that can be inspected by the customer (low clutter, organized, labeled)
+ Maintain access control for each separate inventory. Authorize and deauthorize access, i.e., control who enters and accesses each inventory and monitor for unusual access.
+ Receiving:
+ Inspect and receive
+ Understand required bar codes schema and barcoding process
+ Shipping:
+ Timely fill orders and communicate release; track receipt of at ship-to location.
+ Inspect and ship. Follow shipping export and safety regulations (EAS; ITAR)
+ Ship in appropriate container accessible and safe, i.e., make life easy for the receiver
+ Track and record transfers, in-process and inspection and receiving destinations, i.e., not done until you validate it was received properly at the next location.
+ Inventory:
+ Analyze quantity-to-maintain based on estimated usage
+ Conduct accurate physical inventories in a timely manner on the proper cycle
+ Audit the counts and inventories of others
+ Research discrepancies, document discrepancies, report discrepancies
+ Report and dispose of obsolete or excess inventory
+ Compare inventory to inventory calculation (beg. balance + received ? shipped = ending balance.)
+ Assess value of inventory using FIFO and report value and type of equipment as needed for insurance purposes and for charging projects including cost-plus projects.
+ Periodically report inventory to customer in their format whether paper or electronic.
+ Transfers and Sales and Scrap:
+ Accrue sales taxes and regulatory fees for inventory sold (not transferred) to 3rd parties.
+ Follow up with customer to ensure receipt in good condition, i.e., confirm receipt in good condition at right location.
+ Maintain a scrap policy and document scrap sales
+ Manage:
+ Recruit, hire and terminate
+ Schedule and assign employees to shifts and on-call for off-hours access
+ Skills and Attributes:
+ Attention to detail, e.g., fill in all the blanks
+ IT skills. Data entry. MS Excel and Word
+ Quantitative and analytical, e.g., estimate the optimal inventory levels, research discrepancies
+ Ownership. Treat the inventory as if it is your own
+ Have focus. SKU numbers, attributes, damage, counterfeit parts, finish the inventory, research the discrepancies
+ Communicate regularly and effectively with your customers and colleagues
+ Prioritize, e.g., 80/20. Don't lose or not pay attention to the valuable, critical, or long-lead items at the expense of low-risk items that are easily replaced if misplaced.
+ Common sense, e.g., don't spend hours researching small items that it costs more to research than write-off
+ Be positive, desire to improve the inventory process continually.
Types of Inventories to Manage:
+ Government Furnished Equipment
+ A contract requirement.
+ Can be for maintenance or task orders
+ Can be any value, i.e., there is no minimum dollar threshold to track
+ The government has acquired and entrusts MCD to manage the property to include its physical location, quantity, age, value, receiving, shipping, and disposition. MCD certifies the inventory.
+ We must value the inventory for insurance purposes.
+ Contractor-Acquired Property:
+ Same requirements as GFE but MCD acquires the equipment or supplies instead of the USG.
+ Warehouse inventory:
+ Commercial or government customers provide the equipment to MCD to store, e.g., Microsoft equipment stored at CCW.
+ Inventory in the warehouse can be for general use (excess material), or specific to a project or fabrication order (bulk or barcoded).
+ We base our contents insurance are on the value of the contents at our facilities so we must maintain the value to update our insurance company on changing values.
+ Locating items can take time and, in the past, items have been lost. The warehouse inventory tracks the location (area, aisle, shelve).
+ We value the inventory to transfer inventory cost to projects and to support cost-based customer billings.
+ Inventory Held for Resale:
+ Batteries are held for resell or transfer. When batteries are resold, the transaction results in environmental fees as well as sales tax. We must accrue and pay these fees and taxes to the appropriate authorities.
+ Batteries also held for maintenance contracts and task orders. When using in inventory for these projects, we transfer them to the projects at cost.
+ We must value the inventory for insurance purposes.
+ Requirements:
+ Bachelor's Degree with 5-7 Years of Experience or Master's Degree with 3-5 Years Experience
+ Ideal Candidate should have supervisory/Leader
+ Must have an active DOD TS/SCI Clearance.
- This position may require ongoing or intermittent use of a company vehicle. Selected candidates must possess an acceptable driving record in accordance to our policy.
EOE Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/DisabledVEVRAA Contractor

Don't Be Fooled

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